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The power of yoga, movement and breath is a passion of Katt’s life, and has been for the past decade.  Katt truly loves to observe and feel the impact that yoga can have our well-being in all aspects of our life.  As a practitioner, she strives towards using the benefits of yoga asana, deep breath work, and meditation to truly allow students to receive the full yoga experience.  Her classes are accessible and fun with just the right amount of challenge before she prepares you for a deep, long, and truly relaxing savasana.


Sound Healing

Sound healing is the use of sound vibrations and frequency to bring the body and mnd to a state of unified attunemnt. We use tibiten singing bowls and crystal singing bowls to create vibrations and binaural beats that bring the participant into a state of flow, complete relaxation, and deep mediation. We pair these tecHniques with electronic ambient sounds. We curate a full live musical set that takes the participant on a journey of exploration and bliss.


DJ Mixes


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